MahaKumbh'13 experiences by Devotees

Kamal Satwani, Dubai


It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to share my experience of Mahakhumb with all the Gurubhais across the world.

" As soon as the announcement was made at the Dubai gaddi about The Mahakhumb and it was also mentioned that Guruji will be there, I decided that I have to go.

As we all know there are massive crowds in millions in Khumb, it is the largest religious gathering in the world, there were lot of people who were discouraging me, but I knew it in my heart, that Guruji is there and he will make sure that everyone is secured, protected and comforted. So I had no doubts whatsoever.

 The day we reached Allahabad, at the Camp, it was raining heavily with lightning and thunder. Most of us were worried, on the way we saw, most of the tents were getting literally washed away. As soon as we reached the camp, we realized it was one of the best camps, very beautiful and elegant. We went in our tent and realized not a single drop of water had seeped in, even though it was raining very heavily. All of us, though we did not have any doubts felt that, we are all blessed to be here with Our Master, Our beloved Guruji.

All the arrangements were top notch, right from the food, tents, sleeping arrangements and the toilet facilities. We all felt at home, and we realized so much effort has gone into this.

On the second day , we all went to Sangam (triveni), Tiwari baba and Other saints were with us, everything was very well arranged, most of us were thinking about crowds but when we reached there, it was absolutely divine, we were surprised there were very few people, it was like a Miracle in progress, I mean Guruji controlling everything so that no one has any difficulty . It was an absolutely blissfull feeling taking the dips in the holy water, praying for everyone.

At the camp, there were separate tents for Havan and also a large tent , where aarti and bhajans were conducted. After the Sangam dip, we were all made to do the Havan, and it was truly a very divine feeling, and we all felt amazing positive vibrations as we always get during the Havan. Each and everything was perfectly planned by Guruji, it was like seeing a dream with Our eyes Open.

At the camp, Guruji was giving darshan to everyone, he also shared very divine words, which made all of us feel very blessed. Guruji was speaking to each one of us, making sure all the arrangements are fine, if everyone has eaten food properly. On one of the nights, Guruji personally went to each and every tent and checked if everyone is having blankets. This was truly overwhelming, as Our Master was tired after a long day and instead of taking rest, he took spent almost an hour to check with everyone if they are being taken care off.

On the last day, all of us went to Ganga for the dips which was hardly a 7 min walk from the camp, which was very convenient. This was truly an amazing experience as our whole family of Gurubhais were in the Ganges chanting our Beloved Guruji\\\'s Name and praying for everyone. The presence of  Tiwari Baba and other saints made it even more blissful.

The experience I had cannot be expressed in words, this has been the most divine trip of my life I feel so blessed and protected, Our father, Guruji is always there for us, he makes sure we are getting the best in life.

This has been a truly overwhelming experience, and really fortunate to be a part of this very memorable divine journey.

Thank you Guruji,




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