MahaKumbh'13 experiences by Devotees

Ekta Ramchandani, Dubai

My Kumbh experience was such which cannot be put in words and I am sure even others would have experienced the same.

To begin with I had no plans of attending the kumbh but definitely had a longing and as guruji knows each bhav of ours I was one of the lucky last ones to book my tickets.

Our first halt was in Lucknow where the arrangements were done beyond perfection and everything from transportation to food to our stay....everything was taken care of.

Next morning we left for Allahabad very excited chanting Guru Chalisa on the way and singing bhajans.

On reaching it just felt we are in a different world altogether. A mini ashram had been created for us. We had Tents for, separate Langar area, Gurudarbar and a Havansthan.

We were transported to Faridabad in a new ambience. The weather was beautiful and to top it up all we had Swamiji staying with us in the Shivar. What else could we ask for?

Next morning Tiwari Baba took us for Gangasnan at the Sangam.

What we experienced was so amazing with him guiding us as what to pray while taking the dip in Ganga.

We actually felt Guruji showering his blessings on us from the sky.

It was a moment I wish would not pass, just the feeling that my guru is present with me and smiling at me was overwhelming.

On reaching the tents after Gangasnan we were fortunate to attend a Havan being performed in the Shivar, After which we had Langar Prasad, which was as always a lavish spread and most delicious. Then we were fortunate to spend time with Swamiji and ask him so many questions which were an answer to so many unspoken thoughts.

The only feeling I was experiencing that I am home and my Guruji has made me feel so special and given me the best of anything and everything I could ask for.

We all Gurubhai's were like one family taking care of each others needs and making sure everyone was comfortable. In the evening we would sit for bhajans and some of us would be lost dancing away, some doing their Mala's and some engrossed in bhajans. It could not be more blissful. We were at home away from home.

Next morning again we went for Gangasnan which commenced with chanting of mantras, another experience which cannot be described in words. Then we got back to our tents and left for Lucknow after Langar Prasad and Swamijis Darshan.

One important thing that I felt throughout my Yatra was that we just have to surrender and have faith in everything that Guruji does for us for he works wonders for us. This trip would not have been so fulfilling had we not got Guruji's grace on us.

One very very important thing which also I learned or would rather say Guruji brought to my notice is the importance of chanting our Naam Daan Mantra.

As he always says, "Liya Diya Tere Sang Chalega, Dharma Karma Ka Naata Hai, Sai Naam Ki Chinta Karley, Dene Wala Data Hai". And trust me I have seen things working after I started doing my Mala's regularly, so just a humble request please do chant your mantra and multiply the wealth that Guruji has given us.

Jai guru dev!

Shreeman Narayan!

Ekta Ramchandani

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