Bhojnalaya (Kitchen) is the most important and integral part of the Ashram. At the time of setting up the Ashram, Pujya GuruMaharaj (Swami Shri Sudarshanacharya Ji) first of all concentrated his efforts towards the construction of the Bhojnalaya, which is called Maa Annapurna Rasoi. According to Hindu scriptures, Maa Annapurna is the Goddess who provides food to all the human beings and hence has been given salutation of Maa(mother) in the scriptures.

Great importance has been laid on Ann-Daan (victuals Charity) in the Shastras. It is mentioned in the scriptures that 10 ancestors and 10 descendants are benefitted of the person who performs Ann-Daan. Since the beginning, there has been prevalent convention of inexhaustible food stores in the form of Langar Prasad (Blessings of god in form of Free meals) at Shri Sidhdata Ashram. Langar Prasad is served twice a day at Ashram to all people visiting and to the residents of Ashram. Food served in the Langar is prepared in Maa Annapurna Rasoi (Kitchen) by Sevadars (volunteers). Food served is Sattvic and induces calm and peace in the minds of the devotees. High emphasis is laid on preparing most of the Langar Prasad through environmental friendly biofuel in form of cow-dung cakes. On a regular day there is arrangement for at least 1000 devotees to consume Langar Prasad at ashram but on festivals and special occasions this number exceeds many thousands. Festivals and special occasions also present an opportunity to hundreds of people who wish to take up a Seva(voluntary service), for preparing and serving Langar at the Ashram.

GuruMaharaj believed and use to say, that all those who visit Ashram will never remain hungry and never go thirsty. With the exponential increase in the number of devotees visiting ashram over the years, this benevolent task of Langar Seva is still carried out with utmost ease at Ashram with the blessing of Maa Annapurna.

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