Shri Sampradaya

Shri Sampradāya is one of the four religious communities of the Vaishnavas that form the crux of the Hindu religion. It is a classical belief that it was born with the consent of Shri Lakshmi Nath and Shri Mahalakshmi. Shri Vishnuji is the abode of Shri , which helps to elucidate that MahaLakshmiji and Vishnuji are one.

In this community, the word Shri has been used; which is normally prefixed for Shridevi and Mahalakshmi. Shridevi is the mediator between Lord Vishnu and human beings. Vishnu's beloved Mahalakshmi binds together the devotee, Almighty Lord and the Guru in complete unison of Devotion. She is instrumental in bringing the devotee under The Almighty's refuge thus liberating him from all the three kinds of miseries.

In this tradition, Lord Narayana Shri Vishnuji is considered supreme. He reincarnates in various forms in order to destroy evil, for the protection of people and establishment of dharma; and in this way he sustains and preserves the universe. In this divine tradition, there exists a consecrated belief which has distinct historical importance. Shri Sampradāya believes in the philosophical order of qualified non-duality.

Swami Rāmānujacharya is present even today as in the relation between the Almighty Shriman Nārāyana and the human beings in the form of a garland. Swami Ramanujacharya , is best known as the most important philosopher - saint of Shri Vaishnavas and one of the utmost dynamic personality of Hinduism.

Shriman Nārāyana is the Supreme Lord and Omnipotent God. The commentator of Shri Sampradāya is known by the name of Lord Rāmānuja. Other people call this as the sect of Rāmānuja. All the controversies regarding monism, dualism, dual-monism and pure-monism etc. find a peaceful end when they converge in Vishisht-advait belief or Rāmānuja's belief. In fact, all these controversies resolve peacefully in Vishishta-advait-mat. This is an authoritative structure. As it has been said –

Vayanta Shrinkhalā Lagna-Rāmānujadayā Nidhé

I bow to this sacred lineage of Gurus , starting with Shri Lakshmi Nath and Lord Ramanuja in the middle, including all its mentors and preceptors, as is explained in the following shloka-

Lakshmināth samārambham Nāthyamun-madhyamam
Asmad-āchārya-paryantam vandé Guruparamparā.

Shri Sampradāya is based completely on vedic traditions. Its traditions and principles have been passed on to our Guru Maharaja in the utmost authenticated form after being irreversibly bound chronologically starting from Shri Lakshmi Nath to Shri Lakshmiji, Shri Vishwaksensuri, Shri Shathkopsuri, Shri Nāthmuniswamiji, Shri Yamun-achāryaswamiji, Shri Rāmānuja-achāryaswamiji, Shri Varmuni-swamiji etc. This sacred traditions has been passed on to us by our Revered Guru Maharaja in its purest form. Because –

Mamaivānsho jēvaloké jēvabhooto sanātanah (Gita)


Sarvadharman parityajya mām-ékam sharanam vraj.

This principle is completely illustrated in the above mantras of Gita.

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