History of Ashram

GuruMaharaj started the setting up of Sidhdata Ashram in 1989 on a piece of land on Vyas Pahari of Aravali mountain range, which comes under the Faridabad division. This land been known for spiritual & religious activities previously performed in the ancient era by Rishi Parshuram, Rishi Parasher, Rishi Vyas and Maa Kunti. How GuruMaharaj Came across this piece of land is an interesting fact - while travelling from Faridabad to Delhi, GuruMaharaj Ji's vehicle had a breakdown. When GuruMaharaj got down from his car, he saw an illusionary shining source of water. With the intention of seeing the source of water he inspected the area but nothing was visible. There GuruMaharaj heard the voice of the Lord who inspired him to build an Ashram on that land. This evidence was enough for GuruMaharaj to set up the Ashram at this very place. After a few initial obstacles , GuruMaharaj was successful in the completion of the Ashram.

In 1996, with the inspiration from the Lord and with the intent of human welfare and promulgating the teachings of Sri Sampradaya, construction work of Shri LakshmiNarayan Divya Dham began on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashmi festival (Dusshera). The Construction of this Temple, which has now become a pilgrimage place for millions of people , was completed in a short span of Four Years because of the untiring and selfless efforts of GuruMaharaj and the voluntary service of thousands of devotees.

It is believed and experienced by millions that at this Holy and Sacred temple all wishes of the devotees, pertaining to Dharam (religious faith), Arth (wealth and livelihood), Kaam (Ensuring posterity) and Moksh (Salvation), are fulfilled based on the Bhav (expression of faith) of the devotee.

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