Shri Gopuram

To enter Shri LakshmiNarayan Divya Dham devotees have to pass through the main entrance which is known as “Gopuram” as per Vaishnav religion. According to Vaishnav religion, Gopuram has been defined as the personal residence of the Lord Shrimann Narayan. Observing the Gopuram from outside, in itself, is very extremely calming & pleasing to the senses. Observing the ten 10 incarnations of Shrimann Narayan, while passing through the Gopuram provides immense peace and creates deep devotion in the hearts of the devotees. Passing through the Gopuram, and observing the incarnations of the Lord, by itself, becomes a unforgettable and remarkable experience. It is believed that, if for any reason a devotee is unable to enter the main temple, merely watching the Gopuram blesses the devotees with the same blessings as they may have been bestowed upon by seeing the Lord inside the temple. Gopuram showcases highest level of artisanship and incomparable craftsmanship. For the followers of Vaishnav religion this picturesque Gopuram is a great contribution from Swami Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj.

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