Miracle experiences

Rohit Sidhwani Dubai, UAE

With the blessings and grace of his holiness Guru Maharaj, I am very grateful to Guruji for giving me this opportunity to write down a few of my memorable experiences with our beloved Guru Maharaj.

I used to live in Lagos, Nigeria and had heard about a lot of miracles that Guru Maharaj had done but I never really felt connected to all this unitil the year 1995. This was the year I got married and my wife; Sheena and I had visited the ashram in Faridabad for the first time.

We were really very lucky to get Guru Maharaj's darshan being our first time in the ashram. After meeting us at the gaddi, Guru Maharaj took us both to the dev darbar and read mantras, making us exchange garlands and blessed us both again in a very divine way which was something my wife had always prayed for.

Our lives had been touched by none other than 'The Supreme Lord' but we being lame humans had not realized this.

I visited the ashram again in December 1995. Sheena was pregnant during this time, I met Guru Maharaj at the gaddi and without me mentioning anything Guru Maharaj told me not to worry and that he knew why I had come, he told me that the baby was in the wrong position. Guru Maharaj then told me that he has sent his doctors and that the baby is in the right position now and there is nothing to worry about.

When Sheena went for her next check up, even the doctors were shocked to see that the baby was in the correct position, they could not believe how this had happened. With the grace of Guru Maharaj we were blessed with a healthy baby boy.

In December 1996 I along with my family visited the ashram to meet Guru Maharaj and seek his divine blessings, we met Guru Maharaj at the gaddi and there he told me that my business was in a loss. Guru Maharaj then blessed me and told me that within 6 months I would recover all my losses and start making profit and that is exactly what happened. From that day onwards with the grace and blessings of Guru Maharaj I have been progressing in life.

In the year 1999 when I met Guru Maharaj, I was blessed in a most gracious way, Guru Maharaj told me that in life wherever I am and I ever have any problem I should just pray to him and that my problem will be resolved and that is exactly what I have been doing and Guru Maharaj has been helping me ever since.

I feel very blessed being one of the fortunate ones who got Naamdhan from Guru Maharaj in the year 2001. We were not sure if we would get naam since our loving Guru Maharaj was not well, but see his loving nature in all his illness he still gave us alI Naam. This changed my life for the best.

Who else but a true Guru gives, gives and only gives and in return asks for nothing but only that we should leave our bad habits.

Before I met Guru Maharaj my way of thinking and attitude towards life and everything else was very different, after meeting Guru Maharaj and hearing his satsang and interacting with him I realized that how wrong I was, I thank Guru Maharaj for changing my entire life and making me a better person.

My salutations to our Beloved Guru Maharaj who always continue to live in our hearts forever guiding us every single day of our lives which would have been meaningless without his living and divine grace.

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