Miracle experiences

Soni Aidasani, Dubai, U.A.E

I, Soni Aidasani was blessed with my second son " Meeth Aidasani " on 29th December 2007. All was well until the 2nd day of Meeth's birth, when the doctors in the hospital in Dubai, UAE told us that they could hear a murmur in his heart and his breathing was not normal. Since he was only 2 days old, doctors advised us to come for a detailed checkup when he is 3 months old.

After 40days, when I took Meeth to India for a detailed investigation it was diagnosed that he has 2.5mm hole in his heart and this problem medically was termed as " Atrial Septal Defect ". In this condition, due to the hole in heart the oxygen level is low and the flow of impure blood in the body is quite high, thereby increasing the fatigue level in the patient and other illness related to the same as well. The only way this to be cured was to undergo a heart operation and close the hole to make his heart function normally and this was to be done at the age of 2 years approx.

I very well knew where I had to take him next. Without any further delay my mother and I took him to Ashram and prayed to Swami Ji and told him the entire problem. He assured me that he would pray for him.

The test was to be repeated after few months to find out the progress in the recovery. I flew back again to Lucknow with a very nervous heart and took him to the pathology and to the doctor who was to conduct this test under sedation for him, in a pitch dark room. The feeling was scary with your 10 months old in this situation, but something told me from within that things will get better, the Faith never failed.

The doctor took approx 45 mins to do the test, while I was anxiously waiting to know what he says, I was also wondering what is taking him so long and why is he not speaking at all.. Anyways after a long gap, I came to know the result which was beyond what I even expected. I was expecting the hole must have shrunk and so on…..

Quoting the Doctor " God is really kind on you…. I can't believe this myself… there is no hole in the heart, it has closed on its own and that's what was taking me so long to check why is it not showing…. "

Well, I came out of the dark room with tears of joy and gratitude towards our Guruji, who I knew had done the miracle.We shared the news with the entire family and everyone was too over whelmed. Our Family really cannot thank our Guruji enough for all that he has done for us, such incidents are too many , but the reason why I wanted to share this is to make all of us realize that what science and medical cannot do, our master could do just with his spiritual strength.!!

We are blessed to be in the fold of such a Master, who is doing so much for all of us each day and guiding us each day,each moment, through all our life's situations and challenges.


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