Miracle experiences

Kamal Satwani Dubai


It always gives me immense pleasure to share with all my Gurubhais, the miracles my beloved Guruji does for me and my family on a regular basis.

Miracle :- What is a miracle? Its God re-arranging reality in our Favour. what Maybe a miracle for me could just be a normal thing or a coincidence for others. But, under Guru's Grace, everything is a Miracle.

It happened few years back in Mumbai, when we were going back home after watching a late night movie show, on the way we realized there were lot of police jeeps and we wondered what was going on. We asked people what had happened and they said there was some communal tension and it has sparked riots. While proceeding further, we saw few open jeeps with people inside wearing masks and carrying swords and knives, that sent shivers down our spine.It was a very scary sight, we tried taking other roads, but all were blocked and it was raining heaviliy too. My brother in law had no clue what was happening as all the diversions he took, the roads were blocked and there were riots going on. As it always happens the car was very low on petrol.

We tried to call up few of our friends who were staying in that area, so that we would spend the night in their house as we had 3 small kids. We were totally clueless as if the world had stopped, and moreover if we would have taken a wrong road, we could be in serious trouble.

At that point my wife started praying to Guruji for his help as were stranded. In next few minutes we suddenly saw a taxi driver stopped in front of us, he was an elderly person and he gave us directions of a road which would by pass those troubled areas. My brother in law exactly followed those directions and within minutes we were out of the danger zone, obviously found a petrol pump as well and reached home safely.

Thant elderly person was sent by Guruji to show us directions. Guru teaches us never to lose hope even in hopeless situations, he is always there for us, his timing is always perfect.

We are all blessed as our father, our beloved Guruji takes care of us every minute and he is always there for us.

Jai Shree Man Narayan.

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