Miracle experiences

Monesh Aidasani Dubai, UAE

It gives me great pleasure to write my personal experience about my beloved GuruMaharaj.

Although I am no one to write about this Supreme Being but I'd like to express my feelings for the simple reason that wherever my life stands today is only and only because of GuruMaharaj and wherever it will in future will also be because of GuruMaharaj.

It all started when I came to the U.A.E in 1999 and landed with a job in Abu Dhabi. Although I was not eager to go to Abu Dhabi I took the offer as I was a fresh graduate and I couldn't be a chooser. To tell you the truth I was a complete atheist in my values at that time, I used to hear from my sister in Dubai that they attend GuruMaharajs satsang once in a week. I had not even seen GuruMaharajs photo and hardly knew him. I had no intentions what so ever of being so religious and attending satsang.

Just about 2 years later I was desperately looking for a new job in Dubai. I applied everywhere I could and tried for almost six months but couldn't find a suitable job. It was hard to believe that after trying so much I would not be called even for an interview. I was totally in a miserable condition and had given up on my life.

During that period of loneliness and depression I started inclining towards GuruMaharaj. It so happened that slowly my interest started growing in hearing GuruMaharajs satsang. I suppose it was my GuruMaharajs wish that sparked the interest.

I started getting satsang cassettes from Dubai and used to listen to GuruMaharaj every morning and read Guru Chalisa before I leave for work.

Then I felt I should attend at least one satsang but because I was in Abu Dhabi I never used to be present at the time of satsang. But luckily there was once a public holiday and I happened to be in Dubai at the time of satsang, after which I started praying to GuruMaharaj that I be given more satsang privilege. And GuruMaharaj heard me!!

I got a chance to meet Gobind uncle once in Dubai and that day changed my life.

Few months later I got a job in Sharjah as told by Gobind uncle. But the astonishing part is that the job was exactly like I wanted. I felt the job was tailor made for me as it suited my requirements so well. I got my driving license from Abu Dhabi in a record time with least amount of money spent on it. Suddenly in a few months I realized life was too good to me.

These things were too good to be true for me, that is how I realized my GuruMaharajs miracles.

There are so many instances in my life in which GuruMaharaj has helped me out of very complicated situations. I never realize at that time but when I sit down and think how I got out of the problems I realize it has to be GuruMaharaj!!

Without his presence I would have been no where and I mean absolutely no where.

I feel my sole purpose of coming to the Gulf was because I had to meet GuruMaharaj. It's just that wherever you are in the world GuruMaharaj will call you one fine day.

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