Miracle experiences

Das Pooji,Lagos, Nigeria

I wish to take this opportunity to express my feelings and experiences under the lotus feet of my respected Guruji.

In 1973, when I was just 13 years old, I met Guruji in Defence colony as he was visiting one of our family friends Mahindra Singh Chowdhary and I remember each and every moment, as if it was just yesterday. The time has flown and I don't know if these moments will ever come back in my life? I am grateful and indebted to our friend who introduced us to Guruji as I don't know what we would have done without having Guruji in our life.

I was very young to understand the concept of a GURU in one's life and always took life as it came, on day to day basis. My brother Gobind Bhai, did understand faster then any one else and did guide us, time to time, the value of a GURU in ones life and that helped us mould our minds in right direction to a great extend.

Guruji always treated us like his own children, gave us enough time and attention and in those days the relation was more of a father and son, rather then Guru and Devotee and as the time passed by we realised his teachings but surely made mistakes as well and he always corrected us and supported us through out our lives and I have no words to express my gratitude for the time, help, teachings, love, affection and attention he gave us as it is humanly impossible for any one to attend to so many devotees at the same time and give due attention to every one and advise them and at the same guide them with out any greed. Our Guruji did that, perhaps this is one of the qualities of a true GURU.

Our Guruji was a complete GURU and it is practically impossible to find some one like him on this planet and I am sure many devotees who have even understood him or known him a bit will agree to that.

If I have to share my experiences with any one, it will take ages to tell the events as I have seen miracles every day and every moment in my life so really don't know where to begin and where to end? When we have any Guru's grace, miracles happen every moment; it is up to a devotee, how he sees the same in his life. During last 35 years I may have spend 50% time with him or around him as I don't stay in India but I have felt his grace, presence and blessings every moment in my life. Like every one else, I have also had my share of problems but he has helped me all along be it thick or thin. In 1983 I was attacked almost on 3 occasions by some robbers in Africa and very first time I was shot at, luckily I escaped the gun shots as Guruji saved me all the times. It can't be a co-incidence to escape all the 3 times unhurt, surely and purely it was his grace and blessings as I am very much alive.

As Guruji used to say that what ever is required he will give us and NOT what we want. I have experienced in my life, what ever we require he has provided in one or the other way, where ever I may be.

I always pray his blessings remain on me and my family and we should continue doing Seva and follow his teachings

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