Miracle experiences

Manoj S Kirpalani, Dubai, UAE

My experience with our GuruMaharaj & Ashram is so vast that an entire lifetime would not be enough to explain. But to put it in short, I'll share few points with everyone.

I use to be a very superstitious person and GuruMaharaj cured me of this, and by his grace today I am 100% cured.

I feel the same warmth with GuruMaharaj & Guruji, like we all feel with our parents.

I don't get afraid of anything now like I used to get scared before …as I know they are always there for me to protect me and will always take care of me.

I do my best and leave the rest to them and whatever they decide for me is Final, because I believe that whatever they decide is always going to be good for me.

Also once I remember when GuruMaharaj was talking to me I got so nervous I could hardly reply…I got so scared… I am only scared of him … and scared in the terms of love and respect.

It's all the same feeling with Guruji as well.

With them my feelings are like you have in a Dancing / Singing Competitions where they have a Danger Zone and a Safe Zone ...... I always feel that I am in a Safe Zone with them and I feel protected always.

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