Miracle experiences

Monesh Aidasani Dubai, UAE

I am so deeply moved as I write down another fate-turning miracle by my Guruji. I must say that I am so thankful to him for moving me out of trouble waters every single time. So, to say it also happens without even an itch!

This happened in around September 2005 when I got a call from my office as I sat for my lunch. I was informed by them that there was a representative from a government office who came to my office with my business card and asking my HR officer, how can this person work here? On more questioning by the HR officer, the officer revealed that my previous company, whom I left around year and a half back , has filed a complaint against me in Labour office saying that I am working for a competitor. My previous company had taken my signature on an official contract in which he had added a very small line by hand that I will not work for a competitor for next two years. I was totally unaware of this and it really took me by surprise. This came straight to me as a bolt, suddenly out of blue after 1-1/2 years. I couldn't even gulp my lunch down as he said I would have to cancel the visa and will be deported from UAE.

This was then followed by series of visits to government office where I met my previous company's PRO. He made me realise what a big mistake I have done by working now as a competitor. In the meantime I spoke to Gobind uncle and uncle was so cool that he told me it is ok and nothing will happen. I told uncle this matter is really serious to the extent that I would have to leave the country. He obviously knew what was going to happen and he said don't worry.

I got summons on a Wednesday to appear in front of the the judge on Saturday. I was just not ready to go on Saturday, and to avoid the summons I left for India on Thursday for my annual leave.

I straight went to Delhi in ashram and bowed down in front of Guruji. That's the time I told Guruji that whatever you do but don't put me in shame.

After being to ashram I was a little relaxed and confident that whatever will happen, Guruji is there to see. I got few calls from those guys again. I even visited once to government office where they told me I have to cancel my visa. Now I was much more relaxed and confident.

But as they say, Guruji never lets his devotees down, that's the day when I heard last from those guys. In fact I got to know from some old colleagues that when the government office checked my record in computer it showed I was not in UAE and I had left the country !!!

I was too dumbstruck to hear what they were talking. As I smiled from inside pictures ran in my mind of Guruji going in the labour office and changing my status in their system and I just couldn't stop smiling!

Three cheers to our Guruji!

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