Miracle experiences

Vanisha Mahtani, Hongkong

Our Reverent Gurus, Respected Swami Surdarshanacharyaji Maharaj and Respected Swami Purshottamacharyaji Maharaj, by their immortal presence showered their unconditional love and impacted us greatly. Their presence has delivered countless miracles both spiritually and materially; thus having altered our lives with life of purpose, meaning and deep fulfillment.

Our first encounter with Guruji was in 1993, Since then, our regular family trips to the Ashram, has enlightened us and our Children to change our vision towards life making us think positive and overcome peer pressure. Guruji's immense loves towards our Children taught them to embibe good human, social and spiritual values.

Guruji gives us the tools and mechanisms to face life's challenges, come what may ~ and to understand the purpose of our personal challenges leading to spiritual upliftment. He has moved us from the "UNREAL" to "REAL" and has changed our vision and perspective towards the spiritual world. With Guruji's Grace, these challenges came, only to bind us with Guruji and teach us to surrender at his Lotus Feet. His presence is felt all around us.

Our families raised us ritualistically and performing Pujas and Havans was never a question, however looking back, those prayers are now evidence of a response from the Lord bestowing upon us a "GURU" in 1995 to lead us to the path of salvation.

Self Realization is the only purpose which resides in NAAM. It is our good fortune that our family members took NAAM Daan individually in 1999 , 2006 and 2007 by Guruji. Today, our family are experienced beings of the power of NAAM and to the extent that it's reshaped our lives.

Guruji's Ashram is "Heaven On Earth". In my personal experience, I felt a presence of the Lord, and my prayers were both heard and answered.

Our once turmoiled life was soon filled with profound strength and fearlessness.

Our Guruji's Grace lifted us to enjoy the 'higher taste' and essence of spiritual practice. I can still remember the time when Guruji opened his arms to us and let us 'IN'.

Guruji has emphasized that the TRUTH is eminated from Satsang. We are blessed to have so many opportunities to listen to 'spiritual gems' directly from the messenger of God. Of the repeated blessings.

As follower of Guruji for 19 years now, our whole Mahtani family's lives have transformed like the transformation of a butterfly. Where would we be without Guruji? As we light the incense or candle in our daily prayers , we can only ask for HIM.

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