Miracle experiences

Pinky Suri/Hari, (U.S.A.)

I came to Baba when I was probably in my 11th class. It was just somewhere Mummy, Papa were going; did not understand much about Guru and how HIS kripa changes and forms our life. HE took us in HIS "sharyn" right away, and over the last 18+ years, HE has given us so much. With HIS blessings and kripa, we have come through all the life up and downs with smiles.

In 1991, had a few near-death experiences and I came out with minor bruises, Baba was with me all the time, and protected me. Fell from horse back, on the corner of the cliff, can't remember a thing except that I was taking Baba's name. Everyone thought I would have gotten a bad hurt; could have died; but all I had was a little bump on my forehead and right there was someone waiting with lodex! Jai Baba Ki.

After my 12th grade, I was pretty sure I didn't want to study further, wanted to be a fashion designer. My cousin was going to UK and I asked dad if I could also, and the answer was "NO! I am just a chemist, can't afford the fees and other expenditure." Decided to ask Baba, and HE said "Why not". Baba told papa to send me to UK for my Bachelors, and HE will take care of the funding. Filled out the forms and next I know I was going. Papa has no idea how business grew enough that he could afford my fees. It was a huge amount, but Baba made it seem nothing. A lot of people asked papa, and he always replied, "Guru Kripa". A lot of times, I felt like quitting and running back home, but Baba always made me stick it out. Mom was worried about me all the time, but Baba always reassured her, HE always said l am papa's beta, not beti. Baba told me that "anytime you miss home, keep a glass of water and remember me, and I will come, you will see the water lowered", I tested HIM, and it did happen. Jai Baba Ki. My professors always thought highly of me, although I do not think I was very academic, but Baba always made it happen. HE got me an excel lent job opportunity after graduation, and took care of me always. HE always said, "Mai apne sharnagat kae hamesha saath hu", and time and again HE showed me that. Jai Baba Ki.

Went through a very bad phase in 1998, "Purane janam ke karam to katne padte hai, but Guru ki sharan, unhe 99% reduce kar deti hai". It was a very rough time in my life, but Baba protected me through all of it, gave me and my family the strength and love to survive. With HIS kripa, I had an excellent job to support me. To keep my morale up, HE gave me promotions and great success at work. HE was going through health problems HIMSELF, but always asked about me. On one of my trips to India, Baba was on wheelchair and didn't used to talk to anyone. HE especially stopped the wheelchair and said "Pinky Beta, Apne Aap". That has been the strength for me since than. I used to fight a lot with Baba, cry, question "why me", but HE was always patient and loving. HE provided strength and support like a Dad; love and shelter like a Mom. Baba ki kripa se, today I am extremely happy with my husband and son and a second baby on the way. "Guru Kripa bin Guru bhi nahi milta". Jai Baba ki

Today Baba is not with us physically, but HE is with us, always. All we have to do is call HIM with true heart, and HIS presence can be felt, wherever in the world we are. We have to remember and follow HIS words and be an obedient child, not a pampered one. "Bhav hi bhav hai mera"

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