Miracle experiences

Hitesh, Dubai, U.A.E

My Pranaams at the Lotus Feet of our Great Guruji.I have been thoroughly blessed to be in contact with Guruji since 1980, I was around 10 years old. I used to visit Him at Defence Colony, Delhi along with my uncle. Of course for me – it was just an outing.

I lost my father at a very early age and when Guruji heard about this – He said that from today my brother and I were His responsibilities, and really, He knows how to keep His Word.

Reflecting back all these years, I really have to accept that He has really taken the utmost care of me. He has brought me up in all dimensions - physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and of course – spiritually. There is not one stone He has left unturned during this period of my growth and till date He takes so much care of me and I am so so sure that He will take care of me for as long as I live and even beyond.

Guruji protects us at every instance whether we realize it or not. A very big incident in my life was many years ago – my wholesale shop caught fire and I had not yet even reached my place of work. I rushed to the spot which was cordoned off by the police and fire brigade authorities, the building where my shop was located was in flames.

I managed to immediately call our Guru Maharajji on phone and see how He knows everything – He immediately came on line and I gave Him the information of the fire. He thought for a moment and said, that yes, your shop is on fire, but I will see to it that 75 percent of your business is saved.

We were allowed to enter our shop only after 3 days and as I entered – I found everything converted to ashes and I was remembering Guruji telling me He would save 75% of my business, but here everything was burnt down.

Another 2 days passed of salvaging what I could – and suddenly I see three files – quite intact, only a bit wet and when I went close to pick them up – one file was unpaid purchases, one was unpaid sales and one contained post dated cheques collected from my customers !!!

I pulled those files and went to my friend's office and opened them all – every one bill was intact – only a bit wet, I immediately loosened them and left them to dry and in a few hours I had the most important details of unpaid bills and cheques - were intact in my hands

I called Guruji – and He said – that is what I meant – if you have all your details and records intact means 75% of your business is salvaged. Again due to His Grace – whatever I lost in stock and furniture was all recovered from the insurance company.

I may have been out of my shop for 4 months – but His Grace did not let me lose anything. I could go on and on recounting Guruji's Grace on me and my family.

It is amazing how we lose patience when our own children keep asking for things but our Great Guruji is one with unlimited patience, we ask for things all our life, and He is so full of love and compassion – that He only keeps giving and giving.

After so many years of utmost care and love from Guruji, I really now feel ashamed. What I have learnt is that in spirituality – one must love his Guru in a one way direction, but here I see that instead He loves us – in a one way direction. We as humans must sacrifice our lives for Him – as He is our Sadguru – the one who shows us the path to the Supreme Lord, but instead He is sacrificing His life for us.

Not only has he taken care of me – but since I have got married he has even taken care of my wife and her full family as well, every member of my family and my wife's family is being protected, taken care of and our wishes are being fulfilled at every step.

I really wish to share this thought with all my Gurubhais and fellow readers – that we must all pray to Him to Grace us with the mind and conscience to understand what He wishes from us, and now start obeying His wish and His word and I can also say without a doubt, that even us listening to Him – is again for our benefit.

This is a quality of a Guru – in whatever form – He only gives and gives, and I can say, that by far – our Beloved Guruji is TOTALLY PERFECT in this and every possible aspect.


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