Miracle experiences

Neeta Ramchandani, Dubai

I want to share how Guruji has protected me and saved my life.

In Sept'2004 I got admitted to Rashid Hospital, Dubai due to Acute Pancreatitis. For those who do not know about this condition, in this the pancreas gets swollen and it omits a poisonous fluid/enzymes that in normal conditions helps to digest our food.

Though Doctors did a laparoscopic surgeryon me to cleanse this poisonous fluid, they had given up hope on me. I as in ICU for 13 days. It was during this time I experienced Guruji's graceand blessings.I truly understood that even if we forget Him but He never forgets us even for a moment and comes to help us whenever we call upon Him.

In ICU I was sedated and woke up after 6 days of surgery. I was on ventilator as my lungs were also affected due to the poisonous fluid and it was difficult for me to breathe without the aid of ventilator.

Doctors would come everyday and check the oxygen and other gas levels in my blood. This process went on for another 5 days. Everyday, specially nights as I was all by my self, I would pray to Guruji asking Him that how long will I be like this?? You have saved my life so surely there is still some work left in this world for me. I want to fulfil that. I want to back on my feet. Will I ever be able to breathe without any help? And one day He did hear my pleas and prayers.

One morning during the usual visit of doctors, I saw that Guruji himself is standing in front of me and asking the nurses that why this girl is still on ventilator. Remove this. At that moment when the nurses were obeying Guruji, I felt as if I will die. How will I breathe..then Guruji asked me to cough and take a deep breath and then asked me to drink some juice slowly..

Only after this that I could realize that the person instructing the nurses was actually the head of respiratorydept.. But for me, it was Guruji who came Himself to save my life.

After this I was in India for further treatment and before coming to Dubai I went to Ashram to seek His blessings. Now I am 98% on my feet with lil problems in my feet. I am much thankful to Guruji.

This is the divine grace of Guruji.

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