GuruMaharaj’s Teachings

  • A true "Vaishnava" is one who feels the blessings of the Almighty undoubtedly in all circumstances and is never shaken by the adversities in life.
  • Without sacrificing the worldly and materialistic attraction, true devotion (Bhakti) is not possible.
  • In Kaliyug the "chanting of the God's name" is of paramount importance. The God's name is far more superior to the Lord himself.
  • God is one, although having multifarious names and forms.
  • God truly and exclusively understands only the language and sentiments of love.
  • The Guru and God, both elements or aspect of reality are one and the same. The Guru is God's manifest form while the unmanifest form of the Guru is God.
  • It is not possible to attain knowledge without "Satsang"(the company of the highest truth).
  • It is not possible for God Realization without the Guru's divine grace.
  • Without love, Unison with God is next to impossible.
  • Live in the world like a lotus. The world is not a barrier but its contemplation and attachments are the impediments.
  • Life spent for the welfare of others is in its true essence worthy living.
  • One who serves the Lord (Thakur Ji) is a Vaishnava, however one who serves the "indigent" and "cows" is rightfully a"Maha-Vaishnav".
  • Consider the idol as conscious and sentinent while performing acts of service and oblations.Truely believe that God himself resides in the Idol.
  • The sentiments of complete surrender at the lotus feet of the Lord is the optimum way to unite with the Lord.
  • The world is not fallacious , its materialistic and wordly attachments make it confound.
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