MahaKumbh'13 experiences by Devotees

Amrita Gidwani Dubai

Jai Narayan

Living the urban life being in Dubai, the idea of going for a Kumbh dip seemed a little far fetched. Prior to this, I would think these religious trips are fit for sages and people who have moved way ahead in their spiritual journeys.

But Guruji not just conceptualized this, He even sowed a seed of possibility in our minds and made it a reality for each one of us.

Being a little less than a year with the gaddi and not having had a chance to mingle with the rest of the co-devotees, i wasn't sure of what to expect but then just decided to go with the flow.

My family n friends were unsure and kept reminding me of the stampedes and maddening crowds typical of a mela and where over 12 million people were expected this year. But even that didn't dampen my spirits. In my heart I knew Guruji was at the helm of things! He had the Perfect Plan for us and all we had to do was go along with it.

Right from being at the receiving end of amazing hospitality in Lucknow to the spirit of co devotees who went all out to help make the other comfortable to the out of this world experience of living in the tents as one BIG family with the head of the family Our Guruji amidst us was truly magical.

We all went through our own personal share of miracles, realizations, enlightenments and cleansing. I am sure none of us have come back the same persons that we were.

For me I literally feel internally aligned. The shift has happened and I feel ready to receive his overflowing grace in the days to come. The days spent there have been truly spiritually fulfilling and replenishing. I thank Guruji from my core for giving me this gift of 3 glorious days spent basking in His Divinity.

Jai Narayan

Amrita Gidwani

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