MahaKumbh'13 experiences by Devotees

Amrita Gidwani Dubai

Jai Narayan

Living the urban life being in Dubai, the idea of going for a Kumbh dip seemed a little far fetched. Prior to this, I would think these religious trips are fit for sages and people who have moved way ahead in their spiritual journeys.

But Guruji not just conceptualized this, He...

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Hemant Jethwani, Dubai

Our visit to Maha Kumbh Mela - 2013.

How does one define a divine experience ? Words penned, adjectives used,fall short of what we witnessed and felt. Anyway, I will make a humble attempt to highlight the experience....

We were informed the significance of Kumbh. This particular one coming a...

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Kamal Satwani, Dubai


It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to share my experience of Mahakhumb with all the Gurubhais across the world.

" As soon as the announcement was made at the Dubai gaddi about The Mahakhumb and it was also mentioned that Guruji will be there, I decided that I have t...

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Ekta Ramchandani, Dubai

My Kumbh experience was such which cannot be put in words and I am sure even others would have experienced the same.

To begin with I had no plans of attending the kumbh but definitely had a longing and as guruji knows each bhav of ours I was one of the lucky last ones to book my tickets.


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