MahaKumbh'13 experiences by Devotees

Hemant Jethwani, Dubai

Our visit to Maha Kumbh Mela - 2013.

How does one define a divine experience ? Words penned, adjectives used,fall short of what we witnessed and felt. Anyway, I will make a humble attempt to highlight the experience....

We were informed the significance of Kumbh. This particular one coming after 12 year, the particular Purnima, after 144 years, an opportunity to cleanse in the Holy Ganges, the Holy Triveni, where our revered Ganga, Jamuna & Saraswati congregate, a chance to have a bath with the Gods that decent on earth, that day....with our beloved could we let this pass.

Then there were the apprehensions, the discourages, who kept on voicing - stampedes, crowds, poor civic facilities, low hygiene, miles to walk, jostling crowds, mosquitoes, health issues, no closeby quality medics et al, went the cynics.

Our love for the divine, outlived the above and w/o fear, with faith in our Guru and Naryana, we commenced our holy journey.

First stop - Lucknow, where a congregation of 35 gurubhai's met for overnight stay....One of our guru pariwar did great service in ensuring comfort for all, coordinating visitor stay at 3 different locations in city and ensured timely food and attention, both on the way in and out - Their noble service, yet another blessing from our Guru.

The journey from Lucknow to the Maha Kumbh Mela site in Allahabad, was some worry, with expected crowds and traffic. This leg of the trip again went smooth and eventless.......

There were more blessings in store.....the Maha Kumbh" Shivir" - tented Ashram compound space, was a site to behold - greenery and flower beds, brand new tents, where Guruji had ensured all kinds of modern day comforts for the disciples. Food was super class, each meal tasty and timely served, to the consistently surging devotees. The added bonus was a repeat, relaxed audience with our beloved Guruji. Darshans and Satsang, with queries being addressed in person. We also had the good fortune of a havan at the religious site, which had its own multitude benefits. Most gratifying.

We did the traditionally "dubki's" at the Triveni on one day and the Holy Ganges on the next.Guruji also did the "snans", with the ever available, high value Sant Tiwari Baba, ensuring all rituals were well performed, as he joined in the "dubk's" with the disciples. Our trip to the ghats was amazingly swift, with cars having sirens and access cards to open up roads, closed to others, the boats were arranged for a smooth ride to the Triveni point. We could see throngs and throngs of people, these crowds seemed to be in another world some distance away, while Guruji seemed to have picked and placed us in a coveted, protected environment. Perhaps, one would get more jostled on a weekend visit to the Dubai Mall, than we were at the Maha Kumbh Mela. To be factual, not a jolt....if this is n't his grace working; what is.....? Even those w/o faith, were converted, watching in amazement!

The feeling after the snans dupkis dips was something else, one truly felt cleansed and energised.

Since all good things must come to an end, we had to start our return journey.... As usual, Guruji insisted we have our lunch then go, so after another hearty meal, we set on our return course....Truly a revelling experience, a life changing trip !

This message would be incomplete without expressing our sincere gratitude to the Guru bhai's who were consistently on their toes in service, they truely live up to the adage -"Hun tumhare daasan ko daasa", God Bless !

Jai Gurudev.
Jai Sreeman Narayan.

Hemant Jethwani, Dubai.

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