Atithi Grah

Keeping in mind, the utmost respect extended to the guests as per Vedic literature and Indian Culture, several rooms have been constructed in the Sidhdata Ashram, for the devotees, guests and the Vaishnav saints adhering to Ramanujacharya tradition.  Equipped with latest equipment these rooms are made available free to the guests, as per the availability (i.e. first come first served).  The persons coming from the country and abroad are automatically enamored by the peaceful atmosphere of the Ashram.  The total open spaces of the Ashram, full of natural greenness, provides tranquil and serene atmosphere for introspection and worship.  After coming to the guest house, the people forget their worldly pain and misery and experience a divine peace and calm by having a glimpse of divine idols.  This holy land gives all visitors an eternal happiness & joy. Due to true inspiration and physical hard work of Pujya Vaikunthvasi Swami Shri Sudarshanacharya ji Maharaj and successful direction by Swami Shri Purushottamacharaya ji, the eminence and grandeur of this guest house is growing and worth a mention. The tale of its glory is being sung throughout.

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