Service and remembrance of God's name through complete surrender are preeminent means to achieve the final beatitude of uniting with the Lord Almighty.

Our Vaikunthvasi Shrimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Sudhasrshanacharyji Maharaj used to give more importance to service than to the remembrance of God's name, since through service automatically comes remembrance. Service done in an altruistic manner is one of the pivotal medium for eliminating the pull of the mind towards desires; which also results in the eradication of egotism which is a main impediment towards the realization of God Almighty. According to our well renowned philosopher - Saint Swami Ramanujacharyaji, when a person is filled with the inclination and predilection towards selfless service the person concerned becomes entitled to salvation.

The Simple meaning of service in its true essence is to do good to others accepting them as facet of God Almighty. Results of all services rendered are ambrosial. But service endowed with goodness and benevolence surely results in the salvation of the being; this kind of service is known as Satvic Service. There are two other kinds of Service, namely Rajasic Service and Tamsic Service. When one serves the other in a manner of gaining something from the service, it is called Rajasic service. The service, which is done to harm others, is called Tamsic. At times the person concerned pretends to serve under the guise of service taking recourse to trick, fraud, hypocrisy, deceit and delusion but actually he means to do a lot of harm to others, theses sorts of undertakings are all Tamsic.

Ravan and Hanuman, both of them did service. Ravan did service filled with arrogance only with an eye on the desire and thus he turned into an arrogant, while Hanuman did his service selflessly in true devotion for the Lord. Ravan was totally extirpated while Hanumanji became a benefactor of Eight Siddhis (acquisitions of supernatural powers) and Nine Nidhis (Treasures) making him an epithet of Supreme Being.

One should never indulge in Tamsic service. Such a person goes to hell. Rajasic service gives the fruit but it is nullified. Sometimes it also generates arrogance due to which the man goes to hell. Therefore we should do only pious and beneficent service, which is Satvic in nature.

All kind of service is perfect but the service towards one's Guru and his place, is most eminent because it gives special pleasure and happiness to our God-like Guru, which results to our salvation. Guru takes care of all our mistakes and loves us unconditionally.

Bhagwan Ram emphasizes the importance of service in Ramayana (Uttar Khand) in regard towards the service and love of Hanuman and his followers, saying, "though I am also attached to my relations, wealth, property and kingdom but my love towards you people is incomparable. You are dearer than all because of your service. For me, a devotee is more lovable than any other; your Medha Bhakti (Intellect illuminated by Love and Devotion) is peerless. I speak the infallible truth, for its in my nature."

In Gita Bhagwan Shri Krishna too speaks on Service saying that, "Te prapnuvanti mam eva sarva bhuta hite ratah" it means that "Those embarking on the task of human welfare, are actually worshipping me and in the end will unite and become one with me." (12/4) Bhagwan Krishna Himself picked up the offal in Rajsuya Yagya of Yudhishtar since he knew that Yudhishtar's motives were not to obtain power for himself but to establish Dharma and defend Religion all over the country.

Bhagwan Ram went to the Ashram of Matang Rishi. At the ashram were learned men who did continuous and regular study of Vedas, severe penance and also those who recited Vedas uninterruptedly without any break. Present were also ascetics, hermits, holymen and saints who performed Yagya and did meditation there. But Bhagwan Ram did not go to any of these pious men he went straight to Shabri, an old, illiterate, frail and low cast woman. Seeing Lord Ram, Shabri becomes ecstatic and says, "There are so many exalted and pious men waiting for your Divine Blessings, but you came first to me an unworthy woman of very low origin. I am an illiterate and devoid of all wisdom." Shri Ram replied to her, "I am not concerned with your caste or creed but I am only enamored by your sincere devotion. These are my true words." (Ramayana)

Shabri had a quality of selfless service, which kept her at all times engaged in the service of the Ashram. Ram was residing in the heart of her heart. She remembered Ram by reciting his name while doing physical service of the Ashram.

Let us take the perfect example of our Vaikunthvasi Shrimad Jadguru, Ramanujacharya Swami Sudarshanacharyaji Maharaj who did severe austerities and penances for several years in rough and dense forests and gave the fruit of this self-mortification entirely to the well being of society.

Pujya GuruMaharaji annihilated the pain and misery of millions of people and put them on the path of realizing God Almighty. Not only this, Pujya GuruMaharaji established Divya Dham in Faridabad (Haryana), which is known as Lakshmi Narayan Divya Dham, Shri Sidhdata Ashram. So long as this earth exists, the innumerous crowd of people will keep visiting this pilgrimage place with full sentiments to fulfill all their wishes pertaining to Dharam, Arth, and Kaam and by the Divine Grace of Pujya GuruMaharaji in the end will also attain salvation.

At present our Peethadheeshwar Shrimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharaya Swami Pursottamachasryaji is actively engaged in the public welfare and its undertakings day and night. There are various kinds of services available in the Ashram.

Whosoever in the true spirit of Love and Devotion to the Lord Almighty wants to give his service is welcome to give the same according to his or her capacity.

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