Shri Yagyashala

"Yagya" and "Yagyashala" have special significance in the Vaishnav religion. Performance of Yagya is a special and eternal ritual to receive the blessings of one's god and Lord Yagya. Yagya is also extremely useful for environmental reasons as well; it helps in purification of one's immediate surroundings and entire environment and has proven benefits in repairing the ozone layer. Purification of environment through the constituent electrons of the substances fumigated in the Yagya is an obvious effect of this process. The observation of some distinguished scientists is noteworthy in this regard. Due to cow's ghee is put into Yagya fire, its fumes lessen the effect of atomic radiation to a great extent. The medicinal fumes emanating from Yagya have been observed by researchers in the field of microbiology to be clearly bacteriolethal in nature. These eradicate bacteria and other micro-organisms, which are the root cause of illness and diseases. It is also proved by scientist that Yagya renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies blood and prevents growth of pathogenic organisms. Experimental studies show that the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and disease are highly reduced in the places, where the Yagya is regularly performed.

Yagyashala at Ashram becomes a prominent centre of activity during year-long programmes in the Ashram especially during Holy, Dusshera and Naam Daan functions. Srimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharaya Swami Shri PurushottamacharayaJi Maharaj performs havan in the Yagyashala along with hundreds and thousands of devotees throughout the year. For the removal of astral hindrances, this Yagyashala becomes the central spot, where in a self-performed ritual, people from far-flung areas, suffering from various obstacles and problems, come and pray and find relief from various difficulties. This self-performed ritual is far-removed from any showmanship and its greatness is spreading by devotees sharing their experiences. By constructing this Yagyashala inside Shri Sidhdata Ashram, Guruji has done a great benevolent service to the mankind.

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