Shri Garud Stambh

According to the Vaishnav-scriptures Garudji is well known as vehicle of travel of Lord Shri LakshmiNarayan, and there have been numerous mentions of Garudji being ever ready to serve the Lord. Known as the King of the birds, the exemplary devotion and extraordinary powers of Garudji are incomparable. In praise of Garudji, a complete Purana (Garud Purana) has been written. Those vaishnavs leaving their earthly life and departing for Paramdham, are narrated this Purana so that they can comprehend the difference between this life on earth and the life in Paramdham. Everyone is familiar with the importance of reading of Garuda Purana in the rituals of the Vaishnav Samaj.

It is believed that Garudji is constantly watching Lord Shri LakshmiNarayan from Garud Stambh installed in front of the temple. Shree Garuda Devji has been installed on the gold-encrusted pillar as a symbol of inspiration for the devotees of Lord Shri LakshmiNarayan. This Garud Stambh in front of the temple is easily the centre of attraction of the devotees. Paying obeisance on all fours at Shree Garuda Stambh before entering the temple is the practice according to Vaishnav conventions.

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