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At the end, Only God’s refuge will help - Swani Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj

540 Followers took guru Diksha at Shri LaxmiNarayan Divya Dham. Shri Sidhdata Ashram, Faridabad.

27 Jan 2013, Sunday marked the closure of Panch Sanskar Guru Diksha ceremony at Shri LakshmiNarayan Divya Dham, Shri Sidhdata Ashram, Sector 44, Faridabad. A total of 540 people from India and abroad sought Guru Diksha on this occasion. All the Guru Diksha seekers participated in the yagna performed on this occasion.

During his short pravachan on this occasion Shri Guruji, Anant Shri Vibhushit Indraprastha & Haryana Pithadhiswar Srimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj explained the importance of Guru Diksha. He said that after a follower seeks naamdan the guru begins to open doors of liberation and salvation for him. He gave examples of Narad Ji-Valmiki and Ajamil to explain that at the end only Gods refuge and recitation of his name will help and indeed is the best solution. Narrating the story from the Shastra's, Shri Guruji said, Narad Ji once asked Ratnakar, a dacoit "For whom do you commit all these sins?"to which Ratnakar replied that he commits sins for this family. Narada Ji then told Ratnakar that in this situation his family will also be a part of the suffering caused due to his sins. Ratnakar checked with his family if they willing to be a part of his suffering caused due to his sins and his family refused. It is then that he released his true karma and became the author of Valmiki Ramayan

Ajamila had named his son Narayana. He had committed many sins in his life but by mere taking his son's name - "Narayana" throughout his life he was saved from the lord of death.

Shri Guruji Ji, said that devotees can easily attain God and his blessings by regularly reciting of the name provided during diksha. And one who follows his Guru's advice can easily achieve liberation. He said that this method of Panch Sanskar for Diksha was followed and promulgated by Lord Shri Ramanujacharya himself. It is only after Shri Ramanujacharya used Panch Sanskar that it gained importance in Vaishnavas.

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