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The Colors of Career Development Program with a blend of Spiritualism

On the 29th of March at Shri Lakshmi Narayan Divya Dham His Holiness Swami Purshottamacharyaji Maharaj enlightened the fortunate foreign delegates on India's rich Vedic culture as well as on Spiritualism.

At Manav Rachna University a symposia was organized by The Colors Career Development in which foreign delegates and youth from America, Australia and Sweden who had taken part visited Shri Lakshmi Narayan Divya Dham and were very fortunate to behold the sight of the Lord at the Mandir as well as listen and assimilate the invaluable messages of Lord Krishna given in the Holy Shrimad Bhagvat Gita with all its virtues and mystagogues, by His Holiness Anant Shri Vibhushit Indraprastha and Haryana Peethadeeshwar Shrimad JagadGuru Ramanujacharya Swami Purshottamacharyaji Maharaj Himself.

Guruji further went on to construe that from the spiritual point of view Liberation is a slave to True Devotion for The Lord; so as to say that in the Material world the success and goal of an individual achieved totally depends in accordance to the effort involved.

Guru Maharaj Ji expounded that with the Divine Love and Grace of The Lord Almighty and The SadGuru who truly guides one towards the path of God-Realization a person's life positively changes. The inclination towards spirituality naturally starts to increase. The Divine Name of God is so sweet that a person in the ecstatic state of True Devotion for The Lord should revel and dance with joy, that is he should strive to progress and further climb the ladder of advancement but should at all times remain conscious and mindful in those state of sheer exhilaration and delight so that he can be saved from becoming a victim of arroganceand pride. This is truly the essence of The Lord almighty's loving and hallowed preaching. Those who sing and praises the Name of The Lord experience His Divine fragment in various forms such as, in a partof Mantras (sacred verbal formula repeated in prayers), as a Guru's true disciple, as a praiseworthy son, as a noble father as well as a loyal friend.

From a person's moral and ethical point of view the feeling of forgivenessemerges only with the Grace of The Lord, which is truly very fortunate.

Guru Maharaj Ji even explained that just like in Hindu Vedic Culture there are four main stages of living with the right code of conduct and philosophy i.e. Varnashram(Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanasprastha &Sanyasa) in the same manner in the material world too these ethical and moral principles with their code of conduct are very essential and important. Keeping these spiritual facts in mind and staying in awareness can make it possible for a person to advance in their path of God Realization; that is why Guruji emphasized that it is very imperative to imbibe spirituality in one's life making it a way of True Living.

The delegation present at the Divya Dham from America were Dr. David Russell, Dr. Barbara Center, Dr. Spencer, Dr. Del Osborne, Dr. Anate, from Australia was Dr. Alan, The Director of N.R University Dr. Chavi Bhargav Sharmaas well as H. Siddharth. All present praised and commended on the serene and peaceful ambience of Shri Lakshmi Narayan Divya Dham.

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