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Ask God for God, not from God" : Swami Purshottamacharyaji Maharaj

At Shri Sidhdata Ashram thousands of disciples from all over India and overseas attended the festive occasion of Holi.

Faridabad :- Selfless Service and Total Surrender are the means which make it possible to attain the Supreme Being. This was enunciated by Shri Anant Vibhushit Indraprastha Haryana Peethadeeshwar Shrimad JagadGuru Swami Purshottamacharyaji Maharaj . Guru Maharaj on the festive occasion of Holi in the presence of thousands gathered addressed all the disciples who came from all over India and overseas. Guru Maharaj narrated stories on Shabri, Draupadi and Prahlad expressing that through the means of Selfless Service and Total Surrender these devotees had attained  The Lord Almighty. On the path of Devotion, selfless service and total surrender are the two most important pillars. Through them and by taking refuge at the Lotus Feet of The Lord one can truly be bestowed with His divine grace. Guru Maharaj enunciated that instead of asking from God, one must rather dedicate themselves to The Lord and only ask God for God. Through this one can achieve completeness and fulfillment in their life.

Before Guru Maharaj's spiritual discourse a Havan was organized at the yagyashala where myriads of devotees present offered oblations praying for the universal welfare for all mankind.

At the function colorful cultural events had been organized. Folk performing artists from Mathura did  spectacular presentations of Radha and Krishna playing Holi uniquely with flower petals. Charming and enchanting performances were staged in Braj language which were highly sentimental.

At the function the minister of Labour and Information of Public Relations Haryana, Pt. Shiv Charan Lal Sharma too was present. Member of Pradesh Congress Committee minister Lalit Nagar too received blessings from Guru Maharaj ji.

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