Devotees who arrived from abroad in Dussehra festival offered sacrifices with Guruji in the Yagya

One who follows the path of Dharma attains God, while the one who uses the intellect gets knowledge, but those who neither believe nor know, have to come again and again to the world of death. Jagadguru Swami Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj, the overlord of Shri Laxminarayan Divyadham (Shri Siddhadata Ashram) said this in the Dussehra festival organized here today.

On this occasion, he said that the guru's strategy is that God is worthy of being obeyed, if you believe him, then he will be attained and devotion is the easiest way to believe in God. The Lord is always pleased with his devotees and asks them to ask for a boon again and again. Whereas those who try to know God, they can see God. They feel God. It is the people using the intellect, who see God through knowledge. But those who do not want to know or believe in God, they go around in the world of death, enduring suffering for eternity and blaming other people.

Sri Guru Maharaj told through many examples that Bhakta, Bhakti and God live together. When a person worships God, then God is found by him. Even if the whole society ridicules him, he continues on the path of Dharma and one day people follow him. Swami Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj wished everyone a very Happy Durga Navami and Dussehra. He said that today is the day of Siddhidatri, who also gives the Siddhas, Guru Maharaj has named the ashram as Siddhadata Ashram after her husband Siddhadata i.e. Narayan. Those who come here will get Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, there is no doubt about it. Guruji said that the great scholar Ravana made a mistake and we burn his effigies till today because ego had developed in him. Today in the Dussehra festival, by putting your ego in the Yagyakund, become a devotee of God. Then the paths will start forming on their own.

Earlier, he worshiped Lord Laxminarayan ji at Divya Dham, Swami Sudarshanacharya ji Maharaj of Vaikunth at Samadhi site and Shri Thakur ji at discourse stage. He prayed for the welfare of the people by offering sacrifices along with the devotees at the Navkunds built in the Yagyashala here. Innumerable devotees who reached here listened to the discourses and received blessings and prasad from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and offered offerings in the havan. Devotees also took langar prasad and food prasad available at Chhabils. In the program, bhajan singer Lokesh Sharma and colleagues from Jaipur tied the knot with melodious hymns.

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