Cow is the mother of the world and the lord of the gods - Swami Purushottamacharya

On the occasion of Gopashtami, cow worship took place at Shree Narayan Gaushala on Surajkund Road and prayers were offered for the welfare of the people by giving grass to the cows. On this occasion Jagadguru Swami Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj, the overlord of Shri Siddhadata Ashram and president of Gaushala, gave cow grass by worshiping cows.

After worshiping the cow, Swami Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj asked the devotees to serve the cow as much as possible. He said that the cow has been called the mother of the world because she is the nurturer of all. Every ingredient of the cow is used. Cow's milk, ghee, urine are all like nectar. They have been used from our religious rituals to social work. He said that the condition of the cow has become pathetic today in material times. The reasons for this have to be understood and removed. He said that we should use the products of cows, this will improve the condition of the cows. When people will raise them to take financial benefits, then tomorrow the religious aspect will also start getting fulfilled.

On this occasion, a sequence of hymns also went on in the presence of Shri Guru Maharaj and the devotees coming from far and wide also worshiped the cows, received blessings and prasad from Guru Maharaj. It is worth mentioning that about 300 cows live in Shree Narayan Gaushala, but none of their ingredients are sold but are used for Ashram, Gurukul and devotees only.

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