Siddhadata's volunteers distributed blankets in the dark of night

The volunteers of Shree Siddhadata Ashram were seen covering the people forced to spend the winter chill in the open, covering them with blankets at night. He covered the people chilling in the open with blankets without informing them and prayed for their well being.

On the instructions of Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Purushottamacharya Maharaj, the overlord of the ashram, a group of volunteers came out in the dark of night and searched the places of the needy on the highway. Where the people forced to chill in the available means under the intersections, foot over bridges, metro stations started covering them with blankets. Somebody would be shocked by the sudden weight that who had come to disturb him in the night. The volunteers would say with folded hands that brother, he is wearing a blanket, sorry, don't worry. Seeing someone's joining hands, it seems that why there is so much inequality in the society. But it keeps on happening. This labor went on for hours, making it possible to try to provide some relief to hundreds of people.

Swamiji told that everyone has to bear his prarabdha karma but capable persons should come forward to help the needy. Charity is the biggest medium to earn virtue and cut off your negative destiny karma. He told that every section of the society must donate according to their capacity. This will also reduce the inequality prevailing in the society.

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