Became disciple of Guru by taking initiation with method

Second birth of a person initiated, the understanding of good and bad is developed - Jagadguru Swami Purushottamacharya

Namdan Diksha program was organized today at Shri Laxminarayan Divyadham (Shri Siddhadata Ashram), Sector 44 Surajkund Road, in which people took shelter of the Guru. On this occasion Shrimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj, the overlord of Divya Dham and Ashram, completed the Guru Diksha Vidhi.

On this occasion, he said that the relation of Guru-Shishya is going on since time immemorial and the Guru advocates for the welfare of his disciple in front of the Supreme Soul. He said that Shriji i.e. Lakshmi ji himself started this sect and through Vishvaksen gave a message to human beings to adopt humanity. He also gave the mantra to the people to be the son of God and to be imbued with his qualities. After this, the commentator Ramanuja Swami, who came in the Guru tradition, made thousands of thousands entitled to liberation and established eight peeths all over India and re-established religion at that time.

Similarly, Swami Sudarshanacharya Maharaj, the founder of Shri Siddhadata Ashram, also provided the basic mantra of humanity to thousands of millions of people here. Swami Purushottamacharya Maharaj said that once the person whom you have accepted as a guru, after that the guru constantly prays, advocates and prays to God for your well being. By which the disciple gets salvation. He provided Guru Diksha to the people here by Panchavidhi.

It is worth mentioning that Shri Siddhadata Ashram and Shri Laxminarayan Divyadham, established for nearly 27 years, have led lakhs of people on the path of Dharma, which is being handled well by Shrimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Purushottamacharya Maharaj. This is the reason that lakhs of people are getting benefited from the ongoing devotional, bhajan, kirtan, prayer, service, education, reading, etc.

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