195 started spiritual journey by taking initiation from Guru

Diksha Parv was organized today at Shri Siddhadata Ashram, Sector 44. On this occasion, 195 people took refuge in God after receiving initiation from Shrimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj.

On this occasion, Swami Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj told that the festival of initiation is the second beginning of a person's life, it has also been called the second birth in spirituality. He said that commentator Ramanuja Swami ji directed the world suffering from bereavement towards God by giving knowledge of spirituality, teaching Bhakti Yoga. He made available the method of attaining God to the common man. This is the reason that the number of people who follow his teachings in the whole of India is in crores. He said that in the Ramanuja sect, there is a provision to give initiation to all women, men, elderly and children without any discrimination. Therefore, this initiation can be obtained by a person who has faith in religion.

Ramanuja Swamiji's statue has been installed in Hyderabad this month by Chinna Jeyar Swamiji of our sect, which is the second tallest sitting statue in the world. It has been launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. We offer our gratitude to Chinna Jeyar Swamiji and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji for this work.

He told that the commentator Ramanuja Swami has explained to the world the importance of the glory of the name and has also made Lord Narayana promise to grant salvation to the devotees who take refuge in him. Therefore it is believed that a person initiated into the Ramanuja sect does not have to come again to the world of death. Similarly, those who believe in Shri Siddhadata Ashram also get Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. He inspired all the initiators to lead a simple, simple yet high spiritual life.

Before this, everyone performed a yajna and prayed for liberation from the karmas of their previous lives. At the same time, Swami Purushottamacharya ji also put conch shells and chakras of the sect on his arms and gave the name mantra in his ear. After this, all expressed the feeling of refuge by bowing to the Guru and God and repeated their vow to accept spiritual thoughts in life.

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