Kalyan Utsav-15th May'13

On Wednesday 15th of May at Shri LakshmiNarayan Divya Dham the pompous and Grand Wedding Ceremony of Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi Maa was performed with all the Vedic mantras recited as per the Hindu Scriptures.On this sacred day solemn prayers were offered and innumerable devotees from all over gathered in unison and prayed too. On the sixth year of the Brahmutsav celebration arranged at the Shri LakshmiNarayan Divya Dham this being the third day of the Utsav marked the sacred Wedding Ceremony of Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi Maa. On this auspicious occasion Peethadeeshwar Shrimad JagadGuru Ramanujacharya Swami ShriPurshottamacharyaji Maharaj with the cooperation of the learned scholars from South India performed Solemn Prayers and then very benevolently distributed prasad to all the present devotees.

Araadhna(Eternal Adoration)of The Lord Almighty,along withPurnahuti ( complete offering away of oneself) and Sacred Vedic Prayers were performed. On this consecrated event scholars present from South of India chanted and recited shloks from the Holy Puran and The Geeta making the ambience at the Divya Dham even more sanctified and pure. Devoteeswho attended this pious ceremony too prayed for the universal welfare of all Mankind. 

On Friday the 17th of May at 5:00p.m Lord Lakshmi Narayan'sMagnificent and Grand Shobha Yatra ( Blessed Procession) will commence from the Divine Abode of Shri Sidhdata Ashram. After that a cultural program as well as Langar Prasad too will be well arranged.

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