Amar Singh visited the Holy Abode of Divyadham to offer His Sincere Prayers

On Sunday afternoon the leader of the Rashtriya Lok Dal and Member of the Rajya Sabha Amar Singh visited Shri LaxmiNarayan Divyadham, Shri Sidhdata Ashram located at Surajkund Road. He offered his sincere prayers here and also got the auspicious moment to pay his obeisance while meeting with His Holiness Srimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj.

The member of the Rajya Sabha who recently joined the Rashtriya Lok Dal, Amar Singh, arrived at Shri LaxmiNarayan Divyadham prayed for the welfare and well being. He bowed in reverence before the sacred idol of Vaikunthvasi Swami Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj and also offered prayers. Furthermore he ritualistically bowed with complete awe before the divine deities of Shri LaxmiNarayan Bhagwan. He later held personal discussions with Srimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj. Amar Singh expressed that the holy abode of Divyadham is a heavenly place, which provides extreme peace and tranquility to all the visitors coming here. After meeting with His Holiness Swami Purshottamacharyaji, Amar Singh returned with a lot of peace and contentment, visibly seen on his face. He arrived here at around 11.00 am and left the Ashram at around 12.30 noon.

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