Free Cataract Surgery Camp 30th Jan’15

33 persons out of 183 individuals were selected for cataract surgery, who underwent eye examination in an eye camp held at Shri Lakshminarayan Divyadhaam Shri Siddhadata Ashram located at Suraj Kund Road. This surgical procedure for cataract patients will be performed free of cost, in joint cooperation with Venu Netra Sansthan, New Delhi.

A camp was organized jointly by the Shri Lakshminarayan Divyadhaam and Venu Netra Sansthan, New Delhi at Shri Sidhdata Ashram complex, to examine the persons suffering from cataract. On this occasion, Dr. Tania Jain, Dr. Neha Chandra and Dr. Sanjeev Sharma examined the patients jointly with their colleagues. 183 individuals got their eyes examined in the camp and 33 individuals were found to be suffering from cataract requiring surgery for the same. The 33 individuals will undergo the surgery at Venu Netra Sansthan on Saturday and thereafter they will be brought back to the Ashram on Sunday. After inaugurating the camp Srimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami shri Purshottamacharya Ji Maharaj stated that eyes are the necessary medium to see and understand the universe created by the God, and with the help of these eyes we can carry out our daily and long term activities. He blessed the attending doctors and patients undergoing eye examination.

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