Naam Daan - 18th January 2017

By the Divine Grace of the SatGuru all faulty imperfect deeds become upright - Swami Purushottamacharyaji Maharaj At the holy abode of the Shri Ramanuja Sampradhaya Shri Sidhdata Ashram & Shri LakshmiNarayan Divyadham Dham the presiding Head His Holiness Shrimad Jagad Guru Ramanujacharya Swami Shri Purushottamacharyaji Maharaj elucidated that the sacred wisdom of the divine Guru guides an individual on the path of the ultimate truth. That's why one must have unceasing & adamant faith in their Guru.

Guru Maharaj expressed that after an individual takes refuge under a SatGuru the life of that person transforms more than ever in a very positive manner. The individual begins to understand the true meaning of their existence and engages in deeds accordingly. After this if a disciple commits any mistake then the Guru takes care & handles it. This way a person starts to tread on the right path which is the least the Lord Almighty expects & also hopes for us all.

Guru Maharaj as per the Panch Sanskaras initiated 109 people with Naam Daan. Devotees to be initiated in the Ramanuja Sampradhaya had to undergo the five Vedic rituals as per traditions i.e Yagya, Yagyopaveeth ( thread ceremony), Naam, Tapa& Total Surrender at the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

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