God's a Grand Procession

In the holy abode of Shri Sidhdata Ashram, on the last day of the five-day Brahmotsavam celebration the Divine Lord Shriman Narayana in His Divine Deity form came out of the holy sanctuary to bless and bestow Darshan to all the present devotees, who were thousands in number singing & dancing as they joined the Shobha Yatra( Grand Procession).

On this sacred occasion, Shrimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Shri Purushottamacharya Ji Maharaj expressed in his spiritual discourse that wherever the divine Name of God is discussed, God's grace & divine deities are always present.

But Divine Deities do not possess the good fortune to listen to this discussion physically, whereas humans are extremely fortunate & have this opportunity. Kathlesh Swami Shri Rameshwaranacharya ji Maharaj also came from Sridham Vrindavan to grace the event. Union Minister of State Shri Krishan Pal Gurjar, MLA, Mrs. Seema Trakha ji commenced the Shobhayatra. At the same time cultural programs too got people's mind captivated.

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